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The Patriarch is acting as a roving Russian ambassador abroad

Unlike the lynch mobs of Bangladesh, the Church has nothing to fear from modern secularism

if America had overthrown the Assad regime three years ago, there might have been a chance of ending the carnage

Robert Harris’s new thriller is set in a conclave. He talks about his love for the Vatican, his respect for the Pope, and how the Gospels left him ‘stunned’

An ‘ethical foreign policy’ would take action against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

The list of cardinals reads like a Prime Minister’s resignation honours list

Female ordination and sexuality are surface issues. The root of the problem lies in different views on Scripture and tradition

It has been many decades since the publication of Humanae Vitae, but it seems more prophetic than ever

Making the murdered French priest a saint will also challenge Catholics to ask themselves, am I prepared to die in God’s service?

Pope Francis’s three-day trip is unlikely to be win-win