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It is clear from the Holy Scriptures, that the Catholic faith is something that happens in a domestic setting

Fragile countries have collapsed into civil war and flailing politicians have proved incapable of stopping the mayhem

Egypt is a dangerous country for Christians, and it is not going to change in the foreseeable future

No one minds Boris Johnson accusing the Iranians of stirring up war; what upsets Downing Street is the thought of criticism directed at our allies, the Saudis

As Mary is, so all Christians should aspire to be

The Church has faced state interference with bishop appointments long before China – now is not the moment to bow to political pressure

Freedom without the underpinning of clear and absolute values is not freedom at all

A mob attacked Christian homes in Egypt merely because of a rumour that a church might be built

A Papal visit to Ireland will see the Pontiff enter into a a complex political situation

The Church in Norway and Germany should keep their distance from the state