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Offering a daily rosary and initiating Muslim-Catholic dialogue are two necessary responses to the Islamist threat

Church secretaries should be a cheery voice at the end of the phone to prevent scaring away callers

Martyrdom is an act of witness; it is a way that God has of trying to tell His Church something important, and we must listen

Visits to World Youth Day and Lourdes remind us that the Church belongs to the poor, not the rich

Does the Holy Father believe that ISIS is really a front for something else?

And it can be found inside the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur in Paris

Young Muslim men are particularly vulnerable to being exploited by terrorists, therefore a proper preventative strategy has to be aimed at them

Turkey represents the other: it shows what a Europe without Christianity might have looked like

Perhaps discussing the Scriptures is the best way in for Muslims

During a recent trip to Bulgaria, I discovered a people in need of pastoral care, not theological squabbling