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African thought can show the West how to put aside individualism

McGuinness may have moved on from violence, but many victims of the IRA believe he never showed genuine remorse

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The Pope should take the opportunity to draw the world’s attention to the violent attacks on Christians in Egypt

You don’t need to get your story right. You just have to be honest

If you are opposed to the Church, is setting fire to its buildings the best argument that you can advance against it?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gestures as he speaks in Istanbul

The rise of feeling in Turkey against other Europeans will not help the Turkish Christian minority in any way

A Francis resignation seems unlikely – but then he is the ‘Pope of surprises’

Once you could agree or disagree with female ordination as an Anglican

The Pope’s commission has failed to deliver. Marie Collins’s resignation is just the latest example

Anglicanism was born out of a movement that saw the destruction of all England’s religious houses. We have to face that honestly