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The Queen is a remarkable example of faithfulness to a call

Our task is difficult but urgent: to show that people who are old and ill nevertheless have value

The Church is not a democracy in the usual sense, but it is a society governed by law

The president has given his voters what they asked for, but will surely never have to implement the unfeasible ban on all Muslims

Her charming but cruel novel Evelina is a great read – but it lacks the true greatness of Jane Austen’s work

Protestant and Orthodox Christians may well ask what this says about the institution of the papacy

John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio was clear on the matter – and in line with Church teaching

Far too many old people are placed in care homes, rather than being looked after by their families

Virtually every priest who has worked in Africa knows that this is a serious pastoral issue

2017 is set to be another bleak year unless serious progress in tackling terrorism is made