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The Vatican has made a huge unforced error and it doesn’t seem to realise it

It is abundantly clear that ACTA is a pressure group for doctrinal change

Localism, at the expense of universalism, is a deadly poison for Catholics

I had not the slightest hesitation in signing the letter, and I was grateful to the organisers for undertaking the task

The Church may be quite good at handing out punishments, but seems less good in letting some sinners know they are forgiven

Unless Western powers show they care about human rights they will be exposed as hypocrites

The latest bombings show the Pakistani state to be weak in the face of terror and that the Taliban is still very much in business

Once a place has been used for Muslim worship it is ipso facto a mosque

The conflict is not the West’s fault. But Syria will not reach a solution on its own

It is odd that Richard III merits star treatment but Britain’s obsession with its history does have its benefits