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In the first of a four-part look ahead to October’s synod, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith says the Church hierarchy must prove it is willing to listen to the views of everyone

One investigation suggests that the visionary who inspired the shrine was none other than King Harold’s wife, Edith the Fair

Fisher and More lived exemplary lives and were content to be martyred for the faith

Francis is right in that we need to build more ecologically

The libertarian politician is also a critic of ‘big government’ which withers away of the role of the individual

The Pope’s encyclical will surely focus on our duties of stewardship towards Creation

The community of the Church is one very good place to learn the virtues that Aristotle prescribes

The new Vatican tribunal is welcome news indeed

As in Northern Ireland and Lebanon, power-sharing has meant power-splitting

The worst case scenario is to offend both sides, while giving the Russian president a propaganda coup