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Pope Francis’s homily yesterday seemed to be an insight into the upcoming Synod on Marriage and Family

Dangers to religion from too close a relationship to the state are vividly illustrated by Putin today

We cannot fight Islamism by siding with the forces of oppression

John XXIII was very much a man of the people, while John Paul II lived the Gospel without compromise

Judas was perhaps the first person to hate God in terms we can understand

Pilate’s wife appears in one verse of St Matthew’s Gospel proclaiming Jesus’s innocence

When will governments realise that religion is not their business and should not ever be their business?

Politicians must remember their primary role is to serve the public, not cling to power

Promoting dialogue between believers and non-believers will enrich our national conversation

The US politician is ‘thrilled’ with the gift of a rosary, but will her faith ever show in her voting record?