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Armenia has arguably produced more martyrs than anywhere else, given that the victims of the genocide were killed in hatred of the Faith

How on earth are we meant to defeat Islamism if we seem so unable or unwilling to understand its roots?

The Professor shows himself the master of the soundbite when he describes British values as ‘queuing, drunkenness and loving pets’

That Britain might not be safe for Jews is a truly disturbing thought

Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall propagates the myth that Britain became great once it had ditched Catholicism

Corruption in the Third World and the break down of family life in the UK contribute to the blight of global poverty

Perhaps it is part of the human condition to feel stuck between la dolce vita and the years of lead

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was iconoclastic in the traditional sense – an attack on makers of images

It is time to go back to the Regensburg speech