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Let us all – and not just Bishop Kieran Conry – consider our position in the light of redemption

‘Brusque to the point of being rude’, the Italian saint was only interested in one personality – the Son of God

Correct interaction between the secular and the sacred is vital for a healthy society

Believe it or not, many millions of Catholics around the world have no recourse to an annulment process at all

That the Union is not perfect is an obvious point but no human institution is perfect

There is no one better than a repentant fanatic to tell us how wicked fanaticism can be

To contemplate one of the great artist’s masterworks it is to experience an inkling of what redemption entails

A noisy child is a challenge for the whole congregation, not just for the priest and parents

The Church west of Egypt has long been plagued by heresy, piracy and persecution

If Confession fades away, so does Holy Communion