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Like her son St Augustine, she overcame many difficulties to achieve sanctity

Denying that there is a problem in the clergy has not helped us in the past

Now Fr Charles-Roux is in the presence of the reality that lies within the sacramental sign

What perhaps we are not seeing from this Pope is the mystical and ecstatic characteristics of St Francis

Despite severe challenges, the Church did not enter a steep decline the end of the pontiff’s reign

The liturgy does not belong to us but the Church

Hamas clearly fails the St Alphonsus test. Civilian deaths are not just collateral damage – they are its chief weapon

France has offered asylum to the Iraqi Christians forced to flee from Mosul

The rather gloomy outlook of the Church meant that it was better equipped than most faiths to cope with the horrors of the First World War

Clearly the Italians have been at work behind the scenes to save Meriam Ibrahim