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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Alexander Lucie-Smith is a Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald. On Twitter he is @ALucieSmith

Belgium is on the brink of legalising the death penalty for sick children

A children's hospital in Belgium. The country has voted to legalise child euthanasia (AP Photo/Yves Logghe, File)

A new dark step has been taken across the Channel

Should we care that Hilary Mantel is anti-Catholic?

Hilary Mantel (PA)

Fashions have changed meaning literature and the Church are no longer comfortable bedfellows

Was Anthony Powell right about John Galsworthy?

Goldworthy, whose popularity has declined since his death in 1933 (CNS)

The Forsyte Saga novelist has fallen out of favour since his death

The Church has failed to protect children but the UN report is seriously flawed

The UN human rights committee on the rights of the child delivering its report in Geneva (AP)

And the committee oversteps the mark by criticising Catholic teaching on contraception and abortion

How can it be a crime to poison a ‘foetus’ with alcohol?

As long as it's just water...

Yet another ruling illustrates the absurdity of our attitude to abortin

Seeking out Sicily’s treasures

A temple built in the 5th-century BC by Greek colonisers in Selinunte, Sicily (AP)

Money, care and time has been spent on restoring the historic sights of the island

Are priests more prone to stress and mental illness?

The priesthood – one of the more stressful jobs

And the main cause is that priests have to deal with so many difficult people

Secularism cuts both ways: the Church should stay out of politics, but the State should stay out of the Church

Tyrants everywhere fear  this (CNS)

North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia share with the Tudor’s a fear of Catholicism as a rival authority

We need to leave behind our selfie-obsession

A rainbow over flood water in the English county of Somerset (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

The Romantic revolution embodied by Wordsworth has run its course

The Mark Duggan verdict brings in capital punishment by the back door

Carol Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan, speaks at a vigil in his memory outside Tottenham Police Station on Saturday (PA)

The result of the inquest also begs the question, can there be justice without charity?