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Francesca Chaouqui has been granted more time to prepare for trial after appointing new lawyer

Pope Francis denounced the conditions slum-dwellers are forced to live in

Pope Francis has arrived in Kenya at the start of his papal visit to Africa

Pope Francis will arrive in Kenya today at the start of his three-country tour of Africa

Reporter Emiliano Fittipaldi and his lawyer raised an objection at the start of today’s hearing

The trial of five people charged with offences related to the leaking of documents gets underway at the Vatican today

The Pope will celebrate Mass in the grounds of the University of Nairobi on Thursday

The shrine to 22 African Catholics killed in 19th century is currently undergoing major renovations ahead of the papal visit

Two journalists and a monsignor among those charged after leaks lead to accusations of financial malpractice in the Vatican

Francis leaves on Wednesday for a six-day trip to Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic