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‘True martyrs of Christ do not die with fists clenched but with their hands together in prayer,’ Fr Cantalamessa says

The Holy Father washes the feet of inmates in Rebibbia Prison in Rome

Holy Father urges clergy of Rome diocese not to ‘flirt with spiritual worldliness’

Bishop tells his supporters that Rome has been occupied by ‘modernist cuckoos’

The Pope met with members of an Italian association of Catholic teachers, educators and school administrators

At his general audience Francis says that being old is no time for resting

Cardinal Angelo Comastri received the demand of €100,000 for the return of the Renaissance-era documents

Pontiff urges faithful to receive the Sacrament of Penance in Lent

Pontiff says faithful must observe both the commandment to love God and to love neighbour

Pope Francis also admits being told off by Cardinal Ratzinger after preparing Vatican document