Tue 2nd Sep 2014 | Last updated: Mon 1st Sep 2014 at 15:21pm

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Pope: We’ll all be winners if World Cup promotes peace and respect

Brazilian Neymar celebrates after scoring against Panama this month (AP)

Pontiff marks start of tournament in Brazil with message to ‘football lovers’

Pope Francis: ‘Arms manufacturers are merchants of death’

Pope Francis (CNS)

The Pope also denounces those responsible for human trafficking and slave labour

Pope dismisses entire board of Vatican financial watchdog agency

Pope Francis (AP)

Pontiff replaces five board members well before their terms were due to expire

Piety is embracing God and others with real love, not fake devotion, says Pope

Pope Francis (CNS)

Piety is not about being ‘hoiler than thou’, Pope Francis said earlier today

Christian life may be joyful, but it’s not always a party, Pope says

Pope Francis has compared life to childbirth and the joy that it eventually brings (CNS)

Pope Francis spoke about the joy of Jesus this morning during Mass

Pope Francis calls on Christians to pray for governments to help refugees

Francis embraces a child during today's audience

Also asks faithful to pray for Middle East during general audience

The poor will suffer most from climate change, says leading Vatican official

Climate change will affect the most vulnerable

We must look beyond the scientific and economic questions, says cardinal

Vatican statistics: Church growth remains steady worldwide

In 2012 there were 16.4 million baptisms, according to new figures (Photo: CNS)

Number of Catholics grew by 14 million in a year, according to newly released figures

Pope Francis to meet new commission on abuse

Marie Collins, right, and Baroness Hollins are members of the Pope's new commission on clerical sex abuse (Photo: PA)

Commission includes Cardinal O’Malley as well as a British peer and an Irish abuse survivor

Woman recounts miracle after watching John Paul II beatification on TV

Floribeth Mora Diaz, diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in 2011, and Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi (Photo: CNS)

Costa Rican mother of four was told she only had a month to live