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Francis celebrated a Mass marking the Jubilee of the Roman Curia and Vatican offices

A statement says the ‘spurious claims’ are designed to ‘do maximum damage to the cardinal and the Catholic Church’

‘The movie shows how the instinct to protect a reputation was completely wrong,’ says former chief prosecutor of clerical sex abuse cases

Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Sunday in a vast open field with more than 300,000 people in attendance

More than 700 of the 1,142 missionaries attend Ash Wednesday Mass in St Peter’s Basilica

Francis addressed his newly-appointed Year of Mercy missionaries ahead of sending them out around the world

Francis spoke at an event to mark the close of the Year for Consecrated Life

The Vatican is ‘not a den of thieves’, says Archbishop Angelo Becciu

Don’t spread hate, make friends instead, the Pope says in a Year of Mercy message

Learn from baby Jesus, Pope says

People can ‘make baby Jesus smile by demonstrating our love and our joy because he is among us’