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Archbishop Shevchuk had expressed the disappointment at the joint declaration signed by Francis and the Russian Orthodox patriarch

Francis speaks of ‘lesser evil’ in response to question on contraception

Cardinal O’Malley says papal visit is ‘a great sign of hope for families separated and suffering’

Francis also paid tribute to the ‘culture and traditions’ of Mexico’s indigenous people during Mass in Chiapas

Mexico’s president welcomed the Pontiff and said his visit represents ‘an encounter of a people with its faith’

‘I felt an interior joy that truly came from the Lord,’ the Pope tells reporters

Patriarch Kirill is overheard telling the Pope: ‘Things are easier now’

Francis celebrated Mass at Namugongo to mark the 50th anniversary canonisations of the Catholic martyrs

The Pope, speaking off the cuff, suggests his audience might think him a ‘rude pope’

During flight, Francis confirmed he will visit four cities, including Ciudad Juarez, when he visits Mexico in February