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The Pope, speaking off the cuff, suggests his audience might think him a ‘rude pope’

During flight, Francis confirmed he will visit four cities, including Ciudad Juarez, when he visits Mexico in February

If her Cause is concluded by then, the Blessed will be canonised on September 4

Pope says faithful should ask for the ‘grace of tears’ too

‘The house of God is a shelter, not a prison,’ Holy Father says at general audience

At morning Mass the Pope says we must not forget ‘how this world will pass away’

‘Homilies should be the transmission of God’s grace,’ Holy Father says as he ordains new auxiliary bishop of Rome

Comboni missionary says he hopes Pope Francis will renew ‘this beautiful country drenched in blood’

Hundreds of people went to the cemetery to prepare their loved ones’ graves for the feast of All Souls

The bishops have called for ‘courageous and imaginative political leadership’ ahead of UN conference