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Spokesman for Bishops of England and Wales says Holy See officials are working through ‘diplomatic channels’

Amendment that would prevent abortion providers offering counselling is defeated by a majority of 250

British Catholics give £3m to Africa

Catholics in England, Wales and Scotland have donated more than £3 million for the east Africa famine

Bishop Evans has died of prostate cancer at the age of 59

In his homily Archbishop Stack calls for Catholics to challenge ‘the structures of injustice’ in society

Fr David Myers, head of the Rosminians in Britain, issues apology for sexual and physical abuse by priests in the 1960s

Ed West talks to a Catholic who prayed the rosary 35,000 times while running across America, dodging wild animals on the way

Faith and reason are in harmony and are not in competition, Cardinal Peter Turkson has said at a lecture in Oxford

MPs seek to tighten abortion law

Labour and Tory MPs are tabling amendments to a new health bill that they say will dramatically reduce the number of abortions in Britain

Bishop recognises healing as ‘remarkable’ but says further study is needed before it can be declared a miracle