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St Anthony the Great (January 17) was one of the most influential people in the early Church

St Adrian of Canterbury (January 9) travelled across Britain, teaching Christianity, art, literature and astronomy as he went

‘It is a privilege to assist in the important task of appointing bishops,’ said the Archbishop of Westminster

St Peter Canisius (December 21) was one of the most important Jesuits of his time

St Catherine of Alexandria (November 25) is also known as St Catherine of the Wheel

St Margaret of Scotland (November 16) was canonised in 1250 and her remains were moved to Dunfermline Abbey

St Willibrord (November 7) is known as the Apostle to the Frisians

St Jude (October 28) is the patron saint of lost causes

Blessed John Paul II (October 22) played a decisive role at the Second Vatican Council

St Jean de Brébeuf and Fr Isaac Jogues (October 19) were beatified in 1925 and canonised in 1930