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Richard II

The family that made England

Ed West is impressed by a superbly told history of medieval England

Olympic Stadium

Vincent Nichols looks forward to building a ‘fraternity of peace’ through games

Has City dominance of the British economy gone too far?  Carl Court/PA Wire

Greed at the top

Ed West applauds Ferdinand Mount for taking on the sharp divide between rich and poor in Britain

Foppe, aged 6, with his father, and Pope Paul VI

John Foppe tells Ed West that his faith has helped him to become a father, speaker and leader despite being born with no arms

Greg Burke pictured this week in Rome (CNS photo/Chris Warde-Jones)

Greg Burke will bring extensive experience of print and television journalism

Archbishop of Westminster to lead prayers at Westminster Cathedral

Diocese of Westminster wins battle to establish secondary school in south London borough


Ed West meets Bishop Macram Max Gassis, the prelate punished by the Sudanese state when he exposed its atrocities in Darfur

Bishop Williams urges doctors to respond to a consultation about the guidelines (PA photo)

Bishop says GMC’s draft guidelines do not have a ‘balanced’ view of faith

Ed West welcomes a new book that sheds light on the mysterious birth of the Islamic faith