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Aid worker kept in chains for three months in Sudan was offered freedom if he converted to Islam

The Bill, to be introduced in the Commons in January, is the sixth attempt to legalise assisted suicide in a decade

SSPX expels Bishop Williamson

Society of St Pius X says English bishop refused to show respect to his superiors

Pope Benedict XVI opens Year of Faith

Pope inaugurated the Year of Faith this morning with 14 surviving Fathers of the Council
• Read full text of Benedict XVI’s homily
Video of the Pope’s homily
• Read full text of Patriarch Bartholomew’s address

Archbishop says otherwise the charity could lose his patronage and no longer be called ‘Catholic’

‘The Church is not a group of friends’

Ed West talks to pioneering Brazilian traditionalist Bishop Fernando Arêas Rifan about Rome, heresy and healing divisions

Merely speaking about the Eucharist landed you in court under Elizabeth I, says Ed West

Should the last king killed in battle be given a Catholic burial in Westminster?

High Court grants judicial review of plan to open a Catholic primary and secondary in Richmond

The family that made England

Ed West is impressed by a superbly told history of medieval England