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The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors will feel even more frustrated following the Pope’s comments yesterday

Those on the left often called Scalia, who was a devout Catholic, a danger to the separation of Church and State

There is a strong Catholic case for Brexit

The Church is in favour of a strong Europe, but that is not the same thing as a stronger EU

The legacy of the abuse scandal is, in many respects, still an open wound for the Church

In the post-Vatican II Church notions of crime and justice had no place and abusers were labelled as victims

Francis delivered a speech which was remarkable for its continuity with St John Paul II and Benedict XVI

The slow-motion schism of the Anglican Communion does appear to be a cautionary tale

The whole issue has acquired its own sense of urgency even though, on cool reflection, there is not a lot to base this on

The willingness of US bishops to make themselves publicly unpopular is commendable and enviable

The initial effects of Mitis Iudex are now beginning to filter through into actual cases being heard before tribunals