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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Alexander Lucie-Smith is a Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald. On Twitter he is @ALucieSmith

Politicians are waking up to the fact that pornography cheapens women

Ed Miliband is the latest politician to speak up against porn (Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images)

None of the arguments against censoring pornography stand up

Lord Sacks is right: 21st-century atheism is descending into nihilism

The outgoing Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks (PA)

Many of today’s God-haters have nothing of significance to say about life

The biggest challenge for the Church is its Ottoman-style failure of management

Auxiliary Bishop Gerald Walsh of New York catches up on some admin (Photo: CNS)

Without good administration, charity and justice become impossible. Church leaders should look to the example of King Solomon

The importance of St Joseph – a working man who provided for his family

St Joseph, by Guido Reni

Now more than ever, in an age of male worklessness around the world, Mary’s spouse is vital

Assad’s regime is appalling, but I can’t blame my Christian friends in Syria for praying that he wins

The Assad regime has its supporters (Muzaffar Salman/AP/Press Association Images)

There are no good guys in the Syrian conflict; people can only choose the lesser of evils

Art can communicate truths about God that we cannot put into words

Raphael’s Transfiguration

Great Catholic art lifts the heart, mind and soul up to where God is

Cheerful news for a Friday: Catholic-Anglican relations are actually in good shape

The Most Rev Justin Welby (Photo: CNS)

ARCIC may have failed, but on the great moral issues of the day Catholics and Anglicans are on the same side

The Fall is about the great sin that Jesus condemned – hypocrisy

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson in The Fall

The serial killer drama shows us that in this world it is very hard to be good

The issue of Catholic schools is about parental freedom versus government control

Archbishop Nichols addresses Catholic schoolchildren yesterday (Mazur/

Freedom of association is not apartheid

Francis says he didn’t want to become Pope – and I truly believe him

Pope Francis told children he had no ambition to lead the Church (AP)

You have to go back centuries to find the last ambitious schemer to be elected pope