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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Alexander Lucie-Smith is a Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald. On Twitter he is @ALucieSmith

Heroic nuns of the Holocaust

Poland Auschwitz

Many nuns risked life to save strangers from the Nazis

I will thank God for Pope Benedict on Thursday night

Pope Benedict XVI  Photo: Press Association

Pope Benedict XVI’s inspiring courage will be his lasting legacy

Is it time for an American Pope?


The next pontiff, whoever he is, will have an enormous task of reforming the Roman Curia

The British are rather picky about their scandals

Horse meat found in beef products

We would rather be outraged by Catholics and horses than by state institutions

The freedom to watch porn is a freedom not worth having

Iceland Views

We should welcome Iceland’s proposals to ban internet pornography

Pope Benedict disturbs non-believers because for him God is the centre of everything

Benedict XVI prays in St Peter's Basilica (Photo: PA)

He shows that humility is the hallmark of authentic Christianity

An African pope would make the jaded western world sit up and take notice

Cardinal Peter Turkson (PA)

The dancing in the streets would last for months

The ordeal awaiting us – watching all and sundry pontificating on all matters Papal and religious

Pope resigns

Must we endure the ‘experts’ on Catholicism?

Will the ‘Hitler’s pope’ slur be put to rest?

Mideast Israel Wartime Pope

A new book re-evaluates Pius XII and the Holocaust

Pray for those who despise Catholics and call us bigots

'We think of Henry VIII and the destruction of the monasteries, but that was not the end of the destruction, it marked the beginning'

‘Bigot’ is the latest of a long line of insults thrown at Catholics