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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Alexander Lucie-Smith is a Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald. On Twitter he is @ALucieSmith

The ordeal awaiting us – watching all and sundry pontificating on all matters Papal and religious

Pope resigns

Must we endure the ‘experts’ on Catholicism?

Will the ‘Hitler’s pope’ slur be put to rest?

Mideast Israel Wartime Pope

A new book re-evaluates Pius XII and the Holocaust

Pray for those who despise Catholics and call us bigots

'We think of Henry VIII and the destruction of the monasteries, but that was not the end of the destruction, it marked the beginning'

‘Bigot’ is the latest of a long line of insults thrown at Catholics

Just as in St Agatha’s day, the persecutors of the Church want us to abandon our principles

St Agatha

The Roman martyr refused to worship the gods of the state

Orwell was right: pornography has become the opium of the Masses

The Playboy logo is pictured in Los Angeles (AP)

Nineteen Eighty-Four is scarily prescient about porn’s impact on society

How can we revive family life in Britain?

A family in Paraguay, like in Kenya, can't rely on a generous welfare state (AP Photo/Jorge Saenz)

The family is the original safety net. But, for many of us, it’s just not there any more

The Holocaust is not a day for thinking about Israel and the Palestinians – its horror transcends all issues

Germany Holocaust

The Shoah is hinted at in inhumanity all around us

In Sicily the modern is unspeakably hideous


But the island is home to great beauty

The Eight Secrets of a Good Mass


And four ways the faithful can help

The Church of England could have a Catholic governor

Royal visit to Cambridgeshire

Despite the Prince’s fears, the Church of England has been led by Catholics, Presbyterians and Lutherans before