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Artists of the time were not harassed by perpetual thoughts of death

Papal in-flight press conferences are counter-productive and unnecessary

Most voters will make up their minds by considering the European Union’s achievements, or lack of them

The Pope’s soft words for the Russians will please Putin, not his victims

That St John Paul II had a friendship with Prof Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka is no shock. Saints often have a genius for friendship

Peter Tatchell is right, free speech is one of the most precious human rights and must be defended at all costs

Pope Francis surely cannot fail to mention the 43 students who are still missing

Russia is isolated and fighting two wars, and its leaders recognise that, diplomacy-wise, the Pope has many divisions

During a visit to St Agatha’s in Portsmouth, I took part in the Ordinariate’s beautiful new liturgy

Stop demolishing churches and stop trying to control Christianity – you cannot fight God