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China’s anti-Christian campaign must be kept in the public eye and we must implore our politicians to do more

President Obama could have used his Kenya trip to do more to raise awareness about the disease

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws claim jurisdiction over those who are not Muslim, which is simply outrageous

We need to fight ISIS with ideas not bombs

A moving article by Julie Burchill highlights the importance of supporting those who have suffered tragic loss

In admitting his guilt he would have faced the truth about himself – and encountered the truth about God too

Claims that Planned Parenthood is selling the remains of aborted children should not surprise us

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, Mexico’s most powerful drugs baron, has escaped for the second time

Let us continue talking to everyone, not just talking amongst ourselves

The refurbished Lady Chapel at Corpus Christi, near Covent Garden, reminds us that devotion to the Blessed Virgin is a central part of English Catholicism