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The Pope’s encyclical will surely focus on our duties of stewardship towards Creation

The community of the Church is one very good place to learn the virtues that Aristotle prescribes

The new Vatican tribunal is welcome news indeed

As in Northern Ireland and Lebanon, power-sharing has meant power-splitting

The worst case scenario is to offend both sides, while giving the Russian president a propaganda coup

A fully involved laity, a Church permanently in mission, and beautiful singing, the Church here thrives

The dispute between two men with vitally important tasks at the Vatican is deeply troubling

James Runcie’s Grantchester Mysteries cater for all of us who loved Agatha Christie and her contemporaries


Umberto Eco famously declared that Macs are Catholic and PCs are Protestant. That analogy can also be applied to the two social media giants shaping the 21st century

The grave threat to Palmyra should cause a collective shudder in all who love our heritage