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It makes perfect sense for those who care for the sick to work seven days a week

Cardinal Nichols provides a wonderful antidote to the legalism that sees morality as a set of rules

The Cuban leader claims he may come back to the Church, but is it nothing more than a canny move to shift the focus from the repressive nature of his regime?

Loudly proclaiming one’s beliefs as a way of ‘virtue signalling’ is nothing but moral posturing

Not turning up to vote displays a lack of charity towards fellow citizens

A proper love of Creation is firmly rooted in the Bible

Luther’s criticism of Aristotle does not seem important today. Nor will today’s political fads in the future

Politicians will not address the real issues, nor even meet the electorate – no wonder people look to alternatives

Pope Francise warned priests not to be like ‘peacocks’, but there’s nothing wrong with them taking pride in their appearance

And, as friends, we ask them to recognise the Armenian Genocide