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Many women now choose ‘not to have it all’ – should we be worried?

One of ours now

Four hundred years after the bitter conflicts of religion, the Church is posthumously reCatholicising Archbishop Cranmer and reclaiming him for our tradition

Is Homeland anti-Christian?

The terrorist drama is excellent television but its world view is bizarre

I am pretty sure that a wedding without any civil registration is illegal from the point of view of canon law

The fifth-century mausoleum of Galla Placidia is decorated with mosaics of Christ the Good Shepherd and eagles symbolising St John the Evangelist

If only David Cameron could enthuse about St Edward the Confessor, say, or St Bernadette of Lourdes

Madagascar’s problems would not be solved by handing out condoms

May St Peter Chanel bless all those who read this blog!

All political parties have forgotten their roots; perhaps that is why politics is so irrelevant

Health and Social Care Bill debate

Rightly or wrongly, the prime minister and chancellor do not give the impression that they care about the poor

Benedict XVI has charmed the faithful with his holiness and humility (PA photo)

Seven years in, the Pope has inspired Catholics and shown he has an authentic vision for the Church