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Though the words of the Gospel have been twisted over the centuries, there is nothing in this gospel verse per se that is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish

We need to proclaim Christ in all his splendour and next to Christ crucified, the icon of Divine Love, we need to point to the icon of the perfect human response, Mary our Mother

Its editorial seems to regard vestments and traditional morality as the main obstacles to progress

The scandal about the aborting of unborn girls shows the contradictions in the pro-abortion argument

In the cramped British Museum, the exhbition told us little about the Roman city

It’s time we started a boycott of countries that mistreat Christians

The North Korean dictator is rather similar to the man who founded the Church of England

You cannot do moral theology without the saint, whose feast day is today

Is the raison d’etre of the Church maintenance or mission?

The Pope’s famous phone call to an Italian teenager is more significant than we first thought