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Concepts of peace, humility and exalted love sprung from the Christian tradition

A new poll suggests up to a third of France’s Muslims reject the legitimacy of the country’s secular law

The ‘funeral without the funeral’ could refocus our attention on the Eucharistic sacrifice. It’s a lot cheaper, too

Former detainees are taking up arms against America. The US’s strategy appears to have misfired

Ukraine’s Orthodox Church could split the two great Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople. Unless they turn to Rome

The Sunni-Shia conflict forces Governments to make tricky diplomatic choices. Iran seems a better prospect

The conspiracy theory that the Patriarch of the Phanar was behind a recent coup attempt is dangerous for Christians

The former Bishop of Durham got people talking about religion but was wrong in his approach to dogmatic theology

If more religious leaders and entertainment stars spoke out on the subject the government might be pushed to take action

In countries where priests face the constant risk of violent crime, they still go out, they still take risks. As in Kenya and elsewhere, so in Britain