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The young man’s death raises questions about Egypt’s regime. Italians will hope the papal visit has some impact

The Knights were conquered by Napoleon and almost co-opted by the Tsar. But they survived

Once you abandon belief in rationality, all you are left with is force and violence

Days off for Christian feasts and other religious festivals would be more appropriate than our current bank holidays

A Le Pen victory would be a huge upset while more of the same is bound to fail

British prime minister theresa may outside 10 Downing Street

It is hard to see any other result than an increased Conservative majority following the proposed election on June 8

Commentators suggest the referendum triumph will destroy Turkish democracy, but when was the country ever truly democratic?

It is simply not enough for medical professionals to claim they know best. They must take the trouble to talk properly to parents

Guido Reni and Gerard Manley Hopkins both see beyond suffering to the promise of the Resurrection

If Russia and Iran withdrew their support from Damascus, Mr Assad would not survive the month