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The Church cannot become just another branch of the liberal commentariat

One columnist said Rees-Mogg’s Catholicism has ‘no place in public life’

He was a lion of orthodoxy, a subtle intellect, a humble man, and one who believed with every fibre of his being

The cardinal was at ease with the Establishment, but they often ignored him

Perhaps they could at least ask China to stop the demolitions as a sign of goodwill

Many statues are designed to exclude. Not so crucifixes or sculptures of Our Lady

Like Blessed Dominic, we have to tell it like it is, without cowardice and without apology

ISIS is not a means to an end. It is a group of sadists who have fallen to Original Sin

While the Church is opposed to drug-taking, brute force is not the answer

The terrorist problem today is an existential threat to our civilisation