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The news media do not come out well, either. The obsession with Knox’s looks was infantile

In Tours a fine basilica was built on the site of a vast medieval church knocked down during the Revolution

The late Nobel Prize winner never forgot her debt to the Loreto Sisters

Because we know less and less of the past, we know less and less of ourselves, and who we are

Ten years ago in Naples on the feast of St Januarius I prayed as I had never done before

In it we watch the only aristocrats on earth who seemingly never care about money

Indeed, he could not help but mention the Pope

What struck me about these extremists was the sheer ugliness of their attitude

But he was a wonderful writer and preacher: his Confessions ranks as one of the greatest books ever written

A Dance to the Music of Time ‘is just like life itself: the same people keep weaving their way in and out’