Fri 24th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Is Pope Francis purging the Curia of conservatives?

Pope Francis arrives for a week-long Lenten retreat with members of the Roman Curia in Ariccia, near Rome (Photo: CNS)

The rolling of heads is hardly a de-Ratzingerisation, but it does suggest an adjustment to the line taken by Benedict XVI and St John Paul II

Pushing the patriarch into Putin’s arms

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and  Vladimir Putin attend celebrations marking the 700th anniversary of St Sergius of Radonezh earlier this month

Francis’s ‘who am I to judge?’ line may have cooled the ecumenical ardour of the Russian Orthodox hierarchy

Russia’s patriarch has a lot to lose in Crimea

Patriarch Kirill doesn’t want large sections of his flock looking westwards

The Russian Orthodox Church cannot afford to alienate Ukrainians as it bids for primacy within the Orthodox world

Why Francis is struggling to shrink the Roman Curia

Pope Francis making his first annual address to the members of the Roman Curia in December (CNS)

Despite establishing the super cardinals, so far the Pope has overseen only piecemeal reforms

This year we must make sure we don’t fail Francis

'Much of the excitement in the press derives from the conviction that Francis is a Pope of change'

In 2014 the Pope must play his role as teacher of the faith with clarity and courage

Pope Francis is a humble man, just like Benedict XVI

Pope Francis greets Benedict XVI at the Vatican in May (CNS)

Let’s stop falsely comparing the Pope with his predecessor

Thanks to Francis, we now have a magnificent papal trilogy on faith, hope and charity

Copies of Pope Francis's new encyclical at the Vatican (AP)

Francis has shown his humility in completing an encyclical largely written by Benedict XVI

Did the pundits get this year’s conclave spectacularly wrong?

Pope Francis greets crowd in St Peter's Square (CNS)

Some of the best-informed Italian journalists noticed the emergence of Cardinal Bergoglio

Pope Francis must inspire Catholics to stop ‘biting and devouring’ one another

Pope Francis greets parishioners outside Sant'Anna church (CNS)

He must remind us that faction and partisanship are the enemies of truth as well as charity

The longer the conclave lasts, the bigger the surprise is likely to be

Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer of Sao Paulo (Photo: CNS)

Journalists are floundering because they cannot see beyond the dichotomy of ‘conservative’ and ‘progressive’