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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

‘A blog? I don’t like it.’

My mother should be a national treasure, not Sir David Attenborough. Just don’t mention blogs to her

Is Bill Gates really that generous if he keeps a few billion to himself?

Bill Gates meets the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Windsor Castle (Photo: PA)

Mother Teresa said ‘Give until it hurts’. I’m not sure if Gates is feeling any pain

What happened to the pro-life movement on campus?

Eve Farron

My generation ignored life issues in favour of more fashionable topics

Catholic priests are right to express fears over Government marriage plans

'Love is Love' Gay Marriage Contest Ceremony - New York

Equality legislation will certainly undermine the Government’s supposed guarantee

We must be careful to heed the wishes of people with learning disabilities

The High Court ruled that a woman with learning disabilities had the right to decide the fate of her unborn child (Photo: PA)

It is too easy to assume that someone who is dependent on others is incapable of making a meaningful life choice

How do Christians offer an alternative to the ‘nonsense all around us’?

Anne Turner Assisted Suicide

The growing acceptance of euthanasia represents the triumph of atheism over European society

Ireland is at an abortion crossroads

A Vigil For Life

The ‘threat of suicide’ represents a slippery slope towards abortion on demand

The Church’s next big battle is to offer hope to the hopeless

Neither Confession nor psychotherapy 'should try to replace the work of the other' (Photo: CNS)

Our faith has profound insights to offer about depression

Can prayer succeed where nicotine patches, acupuncture and drugs can’t?

Quit smoking bids do not last long

Addiction is mostly spiritual, an imbalance of the soul

Life is all about sex

Alexander VI

Birth, copulation and death – I can see why we Catholics get accused of being obsessed