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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

An Orthodox priest has shown just how many unborn lives one person can save

The caring approach of Russian hospitals today stands in contrast to the forced birth policy of Ceaușescu (Photo: PA)

Fr Alexis Tarasov says that sometimes talking and listening to someone is all it takes

It takes courage to defy the consensus on abortion

A pro-lifer protests outside an abortion clinic in Northern Ireland (Photo: PA)

If only people took time to consider the mysterious possibilities of pre-born life

Does the evil of bad men nullify all the good?

Sir Jimmy Savile claims

The crimes of Jimmy Savile raise some difficult questions

Rejecting Communism for Christ: one man’s story

Vatican II Opening Ceremony 1962

Cardinal Danielou ‘saw clearly that a humanism divorced from faith in Jesus Christ ends in ruin and despair’

The dramatic conversion of one atheist poet

Sally Read, pictured in Rome

To Sally Read, ‘being a Catholic is like being in love’

Can Christian women counter a boorish office culture of lasciviousness and harassment?

Sandi Toksvig says she was groped on air 30 years ago (PA)

Following the Jimmy Savile revelations, more and more women are coming forward with stories of sexual harassment

The state’s skewed line on moral issues makes me worried about giving it automatic ownership of our bodies after death

The NHS is floating the idea of 'presumed consent' for organ donation (Photo: PA)

Under presumed consent I am not confident the state would feel a duty to treat a corpse with reverence after death or use it solely to help others live

Is our civilisation changing as drastically as it did during the Reformation?

Kenneth Clark presents Civilisation in 1969

In 200 years a latter-day Kenneth Clark might look on our society as a singular historical period that has passed away

The Belgian priest who invented the Big Bang theory shows up the modern canard about faith and science

Mgr Georges Lemaître chats to Albert Einstein in California in 1932 (Photo: PA)

The father of cosmology was wedded to science and the Church

The Southampton priest was right to ban yoga classes

No yoga here Chris Ison/PA Wire

Yoga is more than just exercise