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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

When lived out properly the married vocation and the priestly one are meant to magnificently complement each other

Newlyweds marry in a Catholic Church (CNS)

I am growing more aware of the lonely lives some priests lead

Mother Teresa sent me a personal message bashed out on an old typewriter. This is what it said

Blessed Mother Theresa with Saint Pope John Paul II, just months before she died (AP)

Our correspondance 24 years ago shows what motivated her – love

What can we learn from Mother Teresa?

A woman prays by a portrait of Mother Teresa in Calcutta (CNS)

For the Albanian saint living Jesus’s example was more important than politics

Should the Pope push through the canonisation of Pius XII?

Pius XII prepares to give a radio address in 1943 (CNS)

A new book suggests the wartime pope used all the means within his power to help Jews

Saint John Paul II’s father is a role model for all men

Young John Paul II with his father

The late pope’s father was instrumental in forming Karol Wojtyła’s faith

What St Anthony’s face teaches us about the transcendent in man

St Anthony by Bernado Strozzi

A mesmerising digital reconstruction of the saint’s visage reminds us what it means to be human

Our society is in a complete muddle about sex

'The pill seems to be the medically miraculous answer to the fear of an unwanted baby' (PA)

And this confusion is rooted in the arrival of the Pill in the early 1960s

‘The Diary of a Country Priest’ shows Christians are caught in a battle between good and evil

Georges Bernanos, author of Diary of a Country Priest

Bernanos’s novel shows life as a battle between hope and despair

Fairy tales can teach us more about life than science

Snow White and Cinderella both feature in Grimms' Fairy Tales (PA)

No matter what Dawkins says, fairy tales contain some valuable life lessons

Is there life after death? Don’t expect a chat show to tell you the answer

Nicky Campbell presents The Big Questions programme on the afterlife

If you want to ponder the afterlife, switch off the television and read an article by Stratford Caldecott