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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Fairy tales can teach us more about life than science

Snow White and Cinderella both feature in Grimms' Fairy Tales (PA)

No matter what Dawkins says, fairy tales contain some valuable life lessons

Is there life after death? Don’t expect a chat show to tell you the answer

Nicky Campbell presents The Big Questions programme on the afterlife

If you want to ponder the afterlife, switch off the television and read an article by Stratford Caldecott

Jennifer Fulwiler traces a battle between feminist head and truthful heart

'Atheism couldn’t provide a satisfying answer to her emotions when she fell in love and had a baby' (Photo: PA)

Her story shows how reason can guide people to faith

The Church may appear to be on the wrong side of history but it is on the right side of truth

People attend a protest march against France's legalisation of same-sex marriage in Paris (CNS)

Catholics who oppose change are often informed that they “are on the wrong side of history”

The importance of the Sign of the Cross must not be lost

A painting of St Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales wrote with clarity about the extraordinary power of an apparently basic gesture

The two faces of wartime Germany – Hans Frank and Franz Jägerstätter

Hans Frank, second left in middle row, at the Nuremberg trials. He was hanged for his role in the Nazi genocide (PA)

Blessed Franz, whose feast day was this week, reminds us that the exercise of conscience makes us human

A miracle on a bleak road to nowhere

In winter Russia can be a harsh place

Not much different from any or ours is the answer

We need both medicine and Catholicism to understand mental illness

The Catholic Truth Society have released a booklet called Catholicism and Mental Health by Dr Pravin Thevathasan (PA)

In this area, science and faith do not have to be in conflict

An inspiring story of Romania’s fledgling pro-life movement

Romania's faith is still recovering from 40 years of Communism

A Canadian couple are returning to the birthplace to fight the culture of death

When Pope Francis talks about the Devil he assumes we really believe in him. Do we?

Pope Francis (CNS)

Do most Catholics believe that the Devil exists?