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‘It is very exhausting as well as dangerous to live under the strain of a deliberate compromise with evil’

Instead of complaining about hardship, Nietzsche taught us to embrace it in order to overcome it

Sir Roger Scruton reflects on conservatism rather than attacking socialism and liberalism

Authorities turned a blind eye in Rotherham because they thought the relationships might be ‘consensual’

Frs Rupert Mayer and Walter Ciszek were heroic, holy men, who suffered greatly for their witness to their priestly vocation

‘Without religion there can be no culture that contributes to human flourishing’

September 8 used to be a public holiday in England

Harvey Max Chochinov’s book shows how to treat the terminally ill with true compassion

Sr Lucia herself repeatedly said the consecration had been fulfilled

Francis Phillips expected the show to be oversimplified and inaccurate. She wasn’t disappointed.