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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

The book that highlights the dangerous potential of secularist ideology

Robert Hugh Benson, author of Lord of the World

Pope Francis referred to the apocalyptic fable, The Lord of the World, in November and Benedict XVI also frequently cited it

The face of God is found in CS Lewis, not Philip Pullman

CS Lewis: His work inspires Christians

Christmas reminds us that God became man

The latest ruling on Obamacare is the best Christmas gift Catholics could hope for

The contraception mandate has proven highly controversial among Catholics (PA)

A federal judge has struck down Obama’s contraception mandate

Pope Francis’s plan to bring Catholics back to Confession this advent

Francis will be saying confession for the next few weeks (AP)

The Pope of forgievness wishes to encourage both priests and laypeople

Mandela failed the unborn – but we should understand why before we condemn him

Nelson Mandela (AP)

For whatever reason, unlike Alison Davis, he never got to appreciate the sacredness of life

Submission in marriage can be a virtue

Costanza Miriano's book has provoked anger among feminists (CNS)

The controversial book ‘Get Married and be Submissive’ is about self-giving, not self-abasement

The success of putting disability on display

Pope Frnacis made headlines this year when he embraced a boy with cerebral palsy (CNS)

We need to embrace the human race in all its vulnerability

Comparing Mandela to Jesus is absurd

Nelson Mandela (PA)

Even the very greatest saints in the Christian calendar, like Francis of Assisi, are only “Christ-like” insofar as they have come to reflect their divine Master

Pope Francis wants a Church that isn’t chained to a desk

Archbishop Konrad Krajewski distributes rosaries in St Peter's Square (Photo: PA)

It is easier to shuffle papers about charitable giving than to take to the streets and seek out the needy

Should Catholics avoid erotic romance novels?

Author EL James poses with her erotic novel, 50 Shades of Grey (PA)

No great novelist should have to resort to explicit sex scenes