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As the mother of a Down’s daughter my heart sinks at every new ‘breakthrough’

Nick Clegg has said that proposals to relax rules on how many children nursery staff can look after had been “roundly criticised” by parents, providers and experts.

Despite what Germaine Greer says, true liberation comes from self-sacrifice

The Houses of Parliament (PA)

A new booklet written by a recently deceased priest shows us how

Russian leaders have always used the church for their own purposes

Like all Catholics, Jake Genesis is on a journey of reconciliation and redemption

Cigarette smoking doesn’t damage the soul but pornography does irreparable harm to it. If this is the case with adults, how much more so, on the impressionable souls and minds of children?

Would it not be more just to execute perpetrators rather than incarcerate them?

Anne R Lastman’s Redeeming Grief avoids politicising abortion debate