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Petter Stordalen has demonstrated what a difference one person’s moral stand can make

Hitler’s bodyguard, Rochus Misch, insisted he ‘proud to work’ for the Nazi leader

The standard of Christian behaviour and the requirement to turn the other cheek is very high and, being human, we are all prone to fall below it from time to time

Our planet is not ‘full’

We need not panic about overpopulation – despite what some of my more excitable correspondents say

We must respond to Pope Francis’s call for a day of prayer and fasting for Syria

The newspaper’s favourite talks are full of beliefs that are toxic and profoundly anti-Christian

We need a new mission for families, so that parents and would-be parents learn what the Christian vision of family life is all about

It’s not wrong to make children learn more of the bard

Just before his retirement Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI made a small but significant change to the wording in the rite of Baptism

In the UK today people of a truly conservative persuasion do not have a voice or a political party to represent them