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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Mgr Tomas Halik is a deserving winner of the Templeton Prize

Mgr Tomas Halik speaks during a news conference after being awarded the 2014 Templeton Prize

Like John Paul II, he was ordained in secret and lived and worked under Communism for many years

Francis has shown us the human face of holiness in his first year

Pope Francis (CNS)

Radiating an absorption in the Gospel with unabashed simplicity is the Pope’s gift

A deathbed conversion is not a cop-out

Lord McAlpine converted to Catholicism after a second triple heart bypass (PA)

Converting at the end of your life takes humility and courage

The secret to happiness? Newman has the answers

Cardinal Newman – follow his advice and be happy

10 steps towards becoming a happier, holier person

Like an ill wind across the Atlantic, mercenary pre-nuptial agreements are heading for Britain

A couple at a Mass of thanksgiving for marriage in Westminster Cathedral (Photo: Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk)

The permanency of marriage is being undermined – Cardinal Nichols should put the Church’s preparation of couples at the centre of his mission

We should follow Pope Francis’s lead on Confession

Pope Francis (CNS)

Is there any need for singificant reform of the Sacrament?

Why do some dioceses have dozens of seminarians and others have none? It’s actually quite simple

Archbishop John Myers, right, shares a laugh with Cardinal Dolan (AP)

Everything depends on the character, fidelity and communication skills of the local bishop

In the style of Pope Francis, Archbishop Nichols should give up Archbishop’s House and live in a simple apartment

Archbishop Nichols and Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor at Archbishop's House, Westminster (PA)

The new cardinal could take a number of practical steps to show compassion for those using food banks

We must not give all our focus to the ‘problems’ facing the Church

Pope Francis (CNS)

Standing up for Catholic beliefs in the public arena is a tough but vital task

British liberal elites could learn a lot from the Archbishop of Jos

Archbishop of Kaigama of Jos (CNS)

Archbishop Kaigama is prepared to defend the unfashionable