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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Peter Drummond-Murray: A Catholic whose actions spoke as loud as his words

Peter Drummond-Murray (

Paying tribute to a man who was brave, eccentric and generous

Christians in Britain can no longer assume goodwill from the powerful – so here’s what we must do

David Cameron during a visit to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (Photo: CNS)

Rather than retreat to the catacombs, we should confidently proclaim the stupendous truths of the Creed

What is the point of travelling anywhere if it does not lead to an encounter with Jesus?

Anglican village churches often have dwindling congregations (PA)

If villages need a spiritual heart then churches should expose the Blessed Sacrament

Shrewsbury is offering the way forward out of the vocations crisis

We need more of these (CNS)

Let us hope other dioceses open their own houses of discernment

From the First World War to Syria, the unending heroism of the Catholic priest

Dutch Jesuit Father Frans van der Lugt who was killed in Syria in April (CNS)

Like Fr van der Lugt, Fr William Doyle made the ultimate sacrifice

Sir Chris Woodhead: a courageous man who is wrong about euthanasia

Chris Woodhead, pictured in 2000 (PA)

But we who believe that life is sacred must never ‘pontificate’ to those who don’t share our convictions

John Paul II: Things I have to thank him for

Blessed John Paul II will be canonised on April 27 (CNS)

Ahead of his canonisation, it is a timely moment to reflect on how Blessed John Paul has inspired us

Equality between the sexes in every aspect of life? It just doesn’t work. Get over it

General Sir Peter Wall, head of the British army said that the army should look like society

We should not be training women in close combat roles

The academic who read The God Delusion then turned to God

Richard Dawkins (PA)

Judith Babarsky read Richard Dawkins’ book and Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth before converting to Catholicism

Praying for our priests is not enough

Priests are easily isolated says Francis Phillips  (PA)

We must show our priests that we value them