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Not everyone, though, is happy about the new text. For me it brings back a sense of the sacred

In his diary he says St Teresa of Avila’s autobiography must be ‘one of the greatest given to the world’

When women wear trousers, he wrote, it flattens out the natural distinction between the sexes

A friend has suggested I join the Pioneers, whose members abstain from alcohol for life as reparation for alcoholism

The belt of the Mother of God, believed by the Orthodox to have been worn by the Virgin Mary, has been brought to Russia from Mount Athos

No amount of reassuring chat can disguise his advice that we should keep deadly drugs in our sock drawer

Was Mother Teresa depressed and did Jesus commit suicide?

We easily forget those good priests whose reputations can be permanently tarnished by false accusations

Reading the pathologist’s obituary lifted my spirits

Monks and other members of staff at Downside are now being treated with caution