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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

It’s so easy for doctors to betray their calling to ‘first, do no harm’

Luminal was used by doctors in the Nazi 'children's euthanasia' programme (AP)

The actions of Nazi Germany’s doctors should serve as a chilling warning to us to speak out

As the mother of a daughter with Down’s syndrome the cause of Professor Lejeune is dear to my heart

A mother plays with her daughter who has Down Syndrome (CNS)

Lejeune would be an inspiring role model for doctors, the medical profession, pro-life societies and geneticists

A woman’s instinctive wish is to create a home and bring up children

The reality is that women can't have it all (PA)

We can recognise the differences between the sexes and still affirm the equal dignity of women

The news that Benedict XVI defrocked so many priests is both good and terrible

Benedict XVI defrocked 384 priests for the abuse of minors in the last 2 years (CNS)

We must pray for every victim of abuse

We should be dying to go to Confession

Confession is about renewal, rebirth, reorientation of one’s life  (CNS)

If we stop going to Confession this will lead to spiritual death

Coronation Street viewers have a right to know the truth about dying

Coronation Street will air a storyline this evening where a terminally ill woman will commit suicide (PA)

Viewers have a right to know that there is an alternative end to a lethal cocktail of drugs

Despite all its ugly and painful aspects, life is beautiful

Italian film director Roberto Benigni (PA)

We should support people who are suffering or in despair and remind them that suicide is not the solution

Kneeling is a vital part of Confession

People waiting in line outside a confessional (CNS)

To kneel rather than sit helps distinguish Confession from psychotherapy sessions

Every priest must ask himself what he gives to his people

Pope Francis said that if  Jesus is not at the centre of a priest's life "we lose everything" (PA)

Pope Francis’s impromptu sermons prompt serious questions

You cannot build a truly flourishing or healthy culture which rejects the sanctity of unborn life

A protester demonstrates outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland (PA)

It is important to be alive to the cultural implications of living in an age of widespread abortion