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Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald.

Attenborough and Hawking should stop their ill-conceived pontificating about other people’s lives

David Attenborough at a science campaign launch in January 2009

As soon as you start using the ominous phrase “population control”, as Sir David does, you are in the world of Orwell’s 1984, however benignly you might dress it up

The Church has a greater understanding of childhood than all the civil servants in the departments of health and education put together

The Church has always recognised that young children are capable of wrong-doing and allows the Sacrament of Confession from the age of seven (PA)

Refusing to acknowledge or punish a child’s bad behaviour is not ‘positive’ parenting

I fear this love affair between the press and the Pope will end in tears

Pope Francis speaks to the media aboard the papal flight from Rio de Janeiro

Sooner or later, Pope Francis will make a statement that the media decides is not ‘nice’ at all

The move against pornography by Nordic Hotels is a blow to the demons

Nordic Hotels, one of Scandinavia's largest hotel chains, is no longer offering pornography to its customers

Petter Stordalen has demonstrated what a difference one person’s moral stand can make

The sorry case of Hitler’s bodyguard shows us how we can stifle our own conscience

Rochus Misch at his home in Berlin in 2005 (AP)

Hitler’s bodyguard, Rochus Misch, insisted he ‘proud to work’ for the Nazi leader

Should Cardinal Bertone have kept his thoughts to himself?

Cardinal Bertone has referred to "crows and vipers" in the Vatican (PA)

The standard of Christian behaviour and the requirement to turn the other cheek is very high and, being human, we are all prone to fall below it from time to time

Our planet is not ‘full’

Babies – a good thing (CNS)

We need not panic about overpopulation – despite what some of my more excitable correspondents say

What we can do for peace in Syria

Pope Francis recites the Angelus prayer from his studio window yesterday (PA)

We must respond to Pope Francis’s call for a day of prayer and fasting for Syria

The Guardian’s list of great online talks shows Catholics what we’re up against

The Guardian's office in central London (John Stillwell/PA Wire)

The newspaper’s favourite talks are full of beliefs that are toxic and profoundly anti-Christian

Faith lives and dies within families; when families fall apart or fall away, so does religious belief

A boy is baptised as his family watches (CNS)

We need a new mission for families, so that parents and would-be parents learn what the Christian vision of family life is all about