Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Spain’s uncontroversial new king is good news for the Church

Spain's newly-crowned King Felipe VI and his wife Spain's Queen Letizia  (AP)

Despite Spain’s many troubles and traumatic past the monarchy remains resiliant

Don’t put your faith in tattoos

Stuart Randell poses in front of his Sacred Tattoos parlour in Fremantle, Western Australia

The Catechism has nothing to say on tattoos as a general rule, but even devotional body art is ill-advised

It’s not un-Catholic to have grave doubts about Britain’s ‘benefits culture’

People queue outside a job centre in central London (PA)

Catholics who support proposed benefit reforms should not be shunned

How the secular media is presenting three-parent IVF

IVF: Catholics should be aware of the arguments

Catholics need to anticipate how the media will present this issue when the legislation is debated

Catholic parents really need to know what their children are being taught in sex ed classes

Parents have a duty to find out what is taught in the classroom (AP)

Sadly we can’t trust the Government or schools to inculcate good sexual ethics

When it comes to weddings we should follow Keira Knightley’s example

Keira Knightley was married last month (Photo: PA)

Sincerity not size is what’s important when it comes to marriage ceremonies

Church in England and Wales is seeing a welcome rise in vocations

Ordinations to the priesthood have reportedly reached a ten-year high (Photo: Mazur/

National Office for Vocation reports rise in numbers of people entering religious life

Pope to wash feet of young prisoners on Holy Thursday

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio washes and kisses the feet of residents of a shelter for drug users during Holy Thursday Mass in 2008

Pope Francis breaks with custom to celebrate Mass in Rome prison

Faithful will be the voice of Britain at conclave, says Archbishop Nichols

Archbishop Vincent Nichols called for Britons to pray Mazur/

Archbishop of Westminster denies the country has no voice in papal vote