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A vigil Mass that was due to take place at the monastery had been moved to a different church

Three MPs met displaced families and attended an ordination ceremony

On its 50th anniversary, Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Freedom is more vital than ever

In February Fr Jean-Paul Kakule was killed by a hail of bullets from a machine gun

Missionary says bodies are left in the street after fighting leaves at least 60 dead

A member of the Knights of St Columba is to walk 98 miles to raise money for Christian schools in Sudan

Iraqi archbishops divided over whether the motive of kidnap and murder was primarily religious

More cows, fewer AK-47s

John Newton talks to the priests changing the ways of Uganda’s war-ravaged north

Dozens of Iraqi Catholics were killed yesterday after Islamic militants took worshippers hostage during Mass

Aid to the Church in Need presents Pope with book containing names of supporters who pledge the equivalent of more than six months of prayer for the Holy Father