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Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine Teahan is Associate Editor at the Catholic Herald and chairs the Catholic Herald Podcast Debates. Her special interests include euthanasia and assisted suicide. She is on Twitter as @MadeleineTeahan

Luton priest found dead in his car

The news of Fr Williams's death was announced on the Diocese of Northampton's website

Fr Joseph Williams died suddenly on Friday

Photo gallery: 10 memorable moments from 2013

The people and the stories making the news in what was a momentous year for the Church

I won’t create female cardinals, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis also said that he is not offended when some people call him a Marxist (CNS)

Pope Francis has said that women must not be “clericalised”

Can Catholics cope with the popularity inspired by Pope Francis?

Pope Francis (AP)

The widespread appeal of Pope Francis, named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2013, must not be wasted

Podcast: What exactly is the pro-life movement trying to achieve?

Pro-life campaigners outside Leinster House in Dublin in June (PA)

Ann Widdecombe, Eve Farren and Peter D Williams on how to end the abortion impasse

‘Philomena’ film is ‘not an attack on the Church at all’ says Coogan

Dame Judi Dench with Philomena Lee (PA)

Steve Coogan has said that although he is lapsed, the saying ‘once a Catholic always a Catholic’ holds some truth

The inspiring story of Archbishop Kurtz and his younger brother with Down’s syndrome

Archbishop Kurtz is the newly elected president of the US bishops' conference (PA)

New US bishops’ conference president Archbishop Joseph Kurtz cared for his brother for 12 years

Belgium bishops attack proposed euthanasia law extension

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard (CNS)

Archbishop Leonard has criticised proposed euthanasia laws for children and dementia sufferers

I feel sorry for parents at Christmas – it’s stressful enough being an aunt

This year's John Lewis Christmas advert

Perhaps Catholics can lead the way this year by resisting the commercial monster devouring Christmas

Bishop: keep more mothers who commit crime with their children

Bishop Richard Moth (Photo: Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk)

In a lecture the bishop for prisons says children should not suffer for their parent’s crimes