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Cardinal Vincent Nichols has written to the Queen to congratulate her on being the longest reigning monarch

The Pontiff insisted he would re-use his old frames and pay the bill himself

The champions of the Assisted Dying Bill are desperately hoping that Britons will remain ignorant of the euthanasia horror stories emerging from Europe

Cardinal Vincent Nichols said that assisted suicide is ‘contrary to human dignity’ in a statement yesterday

SSPX priests will also be allowed to absolve sins during Jubilee of Mercy, the Pope has said in a letter to Archbishop Rino Fisichella

Corrine Barber, from Scotland, has been given a prognosis of five to twelve months to live

The Holy See has asked to be removed from a draft resolution

St Charles Borromeo seminary are welcoming 20 men from Philadelphia this year

Sir Cliff Richard, Jimmy Tarbuck Paul O’Grady will be among the mourners

Bishop Declan Lang condemns renewed construction ahead of Supreme Court ruling