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Pope formally declares that Mother Mary Veronica of the Passion, a Carmelite nun, lived a life of heroic virtue

Cardinal Nichols and other religious leaders have spoken out

A majority of judges felt it was better for Parliament to decide on the legality of assisted suicide

Frances Taylor later set up refuges for prostitutes and homeless women and children

MP says Britain risks ‘isolating itself from the rest of the world’

A scroll of the Old Testament Book of Esther has been returned to the Tyburn nuns

Former Archbishop of Canterbury claims Anglicans and Christians might as well be ‘talking on the moon’

Popular items include Pope Francis ‘onesies’, T-shirts, cufflinks, shot glasses, and cocktail shakers

Prince Charles has said Christians are being targeted by Islamist militants

Father Kevin Doran reveals why he quit the board of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital