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Strasbourg-based organisation announces that assisted suicide “must always be prohibited”

File on Mother Riccarda is sent to the Vatican to be studied by historians and theologians

Ruling defines the relationship of a priest to his bishop as that of employee to an employer

The Tyburn Tree bears abundant fruit

A new film shows the amazing growth of a contemplative order whose convent stands near the notorious execution spot, says Simon Caldwell

Archbishop Smith says courts are wrongfully penalising Christians by incorrectly interpreting human rights laws

Conservative MP for Portslade and Hove has ‘over-stepped the mark’, says Bishop Kieran Conry

Chemists say new guidelines take away their right to refuse to handle such drugs

The St Cuthbert Gospel is believed to be the oldest intact book produced in Europe

Marriage is not just a private arrangement, says Archbishop of Westminster in an address to 500 married couples

Western governments are refusing to accept that condoms are ineffective in curbing the disease, according to Catholic Truth Society report