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US and British diplomats feared that the Pope’s criticism of German and Russian war crimes could threaten a fragile alliance

Mob in Cairo hurl firebombs at churches and shoot at Christians in an outbreak of violence lasting several hours

Bishop of the Forces says military intervention must only serve to ‘defend the defenceless’

In his forthcoming book on Jesus, Benedict XVI says mob does not represent Jews, but sinful humanity

Stable married couples are the hope of the Church and wider society, says Shrewsbury bishop

Sites dedicated to the occult and witchcraft are exposing young people to demonic influences, says Fr Gary Thomas

As International Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, Simon Caldwell tells the remarkable stories of 10 lesser-known heroes

Government is scrambling to build 10ft-high barriers to stop a repeat of the Baghdad massacre in October

The Christian Brothers hope to find a second miracle for the canonisation of Blessed Edmund Rice

A statue of the Virgin Mary which allegedly weeps miraculous tears of oil has been moved from a house to a nearby church because of stream of pilgrims