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The group face sanctions if they do not stop the practice by the end of the month

Charles Moore said he was glad Pope Francis had been elected, but that the Pontiff may be causing confusion

Twenty-five per cent also thought that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela could be considered extremists

‘By ignoring the will of the people, this is spitting in the face of the very type of democracy we are supposed to have in African countries,’ Obianuju Ekeocha said

Some doctors are quitting the union, saying it has been ‘hijacked’ by people pushing an ‘extreme’ agenda

Doctors have criticised the ‘extreme’ proposal, saying it would ‘severely damage’ the reputation of the British Medical Association

“What they have witnessed was incredibly shocking. Television and media can only touch on it.”

Virginia Rounding’s account of Henry VIII’s sadism is unremittingly gory but scholarly and well-written, says Simon Caldwell

Evidence suggests pregnancy rates fell sharply in those areas where budgets were most aggressively cut

Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, is reportedly looking into the case