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Under government plans, people’s organs could be taken from them unless they specifically opt out

Aurelia Brouwers was physically fit but wanted to end her life due to mental illness

The number of dementia patients killed by euthanasia has risen fourfold over the past five years

Belgian nurses say the country’s growing euthanasia culture is in ‘complete contradiction’ to their training

The app includes prayers and a journal to help users monitor their spiritual growth

A third poll indicates a high level of public opposition to the campaign to legalise abortion up to birth

Vatican officials want to hear in person why Brothers of Charity board members insist on allowing the euthanasia

The group face sanctions if they do not stop the practice by the end of the month

Charles Moore said he was glad Pope Francis had been elected, but that the Pontiff may be causing confusion

Twenty-five per cent also thought that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela could be considered extremists