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The woman was given a lethal injection after battling severe psychiatric problems

The number of mental health patients killed by euthanasia in the Netherlands has quadrupled from 13 to 56 in the last four years

Britain will now accept thousands of unaccompanied children from refugee camps

Neil Addison says schools maybe sued if a crime is committed following the implementation of the policy

The bishops said that refugees’ right to human dignity and to protection needed to be upheld

Such a procedure, outlined in the Journal of Medical Ethics, would allow medics to remove a patient’s heart before they died

The actor discussed the Catholic Church in an interview with the Guardian

Prominent Christian activist says Pakistan is no longer safe for the faithful

The number of suicides have gone from 416 cases in 2011 to 1,004 last year

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto has called on compatriots to write to politicians and ask them to ‘protect the vulnerable’