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Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo has said the CIA has been training Syrian rebel groups which are ‘al-Qaeda under a different name’

Priest’s celebration during Mass the next day makes headlines

The Archbishop of Westminster will attend October’s synod with Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton

Bishop Bode says the Church could do more to support people in stable unions

Catholic Medical Association says draft guidance ‘unquestionably replicates’ key failing of Liverpool Care Pathway

Commission of European bishops, COMECE, says the crisis requires a continent-wide solution

Cardinal Marx calls criticising rising nationalism as country takes tens of thousands or refugees

The king honoured the Welsh martyr St Winefride after placing himself under her protection

Prof William Toffler, a leading Oregon doctor, has said that ‘the sick and ageing deserve better’

Fr Bashar Kthea, a Syriac Catholic priest, is ministering to more than 1,700 families in a camp near Irbil