Sat 30th Aug 2014 | Last updated: Fri 29th Aug 2014 at 16:54pm

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Adoption agency renews fight to stay open

Catholic Care appeals after Charity Commission twice rejects application to assess only married heterosexuals and single people as adopters

New move to restrict rights of conscience

Thorbjørn Jagland, the Norwegian general secretary of the Council of Europe, addresses the assembly (AP Photo)

Europe’s leading human rights group considers moves to stop doctors refusing to be involved in abortions

Archbishop: ‘Make the faith more visible’

Archbishop Nichols: 'With the blessings of this visit we can be more confident in our faith' (Photo: PA)

Archbishop Nichols urges faithful to offer to pray for people and make the Sign of the Cross in public

Youth worker gains fame through banner

Niamh Moloney and friends

Diocesan youth worker and friends create banners that are seen by millions around the world

Lord Patten: ‘The eyes of the world will be fixed on Britain’

Lord Patten and Archbishop Nichols at the press conference yesterday (Photo: PA)

Visit will be a ‘schedule-stopper’ around the world, according to the Government co-ordinator

Archbishop: ‘crackpots and lunatics’ could still disrupt visit

Archbishop Peter Smith (Photo: Mazur/CCN)

Archbishop Smith: protesters cannot guarantee there will be no disruption

Church investigates claims of second Newman miracle

The Newman reliquary at Birmingham Oratory (Mazur/CCN)

A severely deformed baby was born in a perfectly normal condition after the child’s mother prayed to Newman

Pope’s visit will be a lesson for secular Britain, says Archbishop

Archbishop Nichols: 'Faith in God brings great riches and joy to men' (Mazur/CCN)

Archbishop Nichols says it will be a chance to show secularised society that faith is a gift, not a problem

Cardinal defends release of Lockerbie bomber

Cardinal O'Brien says American lawmakers should 'turn their gaze inwards, rather than scrutinising the working of the Scottish justice system' (Photo: CNS)

Cardinal Keith O’Brien criticises American ‘culture of vengeance’ after calls for Scottish leaders to appear at Senate hearing

Traditionalist Anglican leaders admit divisions over women bishops

Photo: PA

The Synod vote to ordain women bishops has left Anglo-Catholics puzzling over whether leave the Church of England